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Public discussions held by Dr. Nikoloz Samkharadze with the Slovenian researchers and Diplomatic corps

On December 6, 2022 within the framework of the visit, Dr. Nikoloz Samkharadze participated in the Round Table organized by the leading analytical organization of Slovenia, the Center for European Perspective dedicated to the role of Georgia in the security of the Black Sea and the South Caucasus Region.

In his speech, Dr. Samkharadze overviewed the challenges in the Black Sea region, threats deriving from Russia and the importance of Georgia as a facilitator of peace and stability in the region; he also touched upon the NATO enlargement aspects.

“The Russian aggression in Ukraine has totally altered the security milieu, which even further increased the importance of the Black Sea and South Caucasus regions. In this turbulence, Georgia can play a unique role, on the one hand, to assist Europe in reduction of dependence on Russian energy resources and obtaining alternative sources, and on the other hand, to exercise the function of the facilitator of peace and stability in the South Caucasus region. Naturally, it implies the engagement and mediation of Georgia in the regulation of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan; as to NATO enlargement through the acceptance of Georgia, it will further enhance the stability and security guarantees in the region”, - he declared.

The discussion was attended by Slovenian researchers, accredited ambassadors and the diplomatic corps.